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Attractive Forces in the Universe

Tamara A Kudykina, Alexander Pervak


A fluid-dynamic model of the motion of the cosmic objects is proposed in this paper.  

Within the limit of motion of the cosmic objects in the ideal medium, the expression of the attractive force is derived.  In the case of planets (β>>1, β – is the parameter depending upon the angular velocities, the dimension of the system and the velocity of the progressive motion of the system), the form of the attractive force coincides with the Newton law; in the case of the galaxies, β≤1, the attractive force differs sufficiently from the Newton law.  

The case β>>1 corresponds to the planets and moons and we have in this limit the Kepler-Newton law of rotation curves. When the parameters β≤1, we have the rotation curves of the galaxies.

The fluid-dynamic theory describes the rotation curves and attractive forces of both the galaxies and the planets systems without invoking dark matter hypothesis.

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