Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry

Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry is an International Journal for Communications, Papers and Reviews.  All specialities of Chemistry are covered. 

Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry is a journal that provides online, any new information in the field of chemistry, which has never been published in a journal of chemistry.

This research journal aims to complement the many chemistry journals on the Net and to present the discipline through various articles and themes. Published articles relating to many fields of chemistry, aiming to offer the research community chemists on a wide range of original and current topics.

To ensure a broad audience to Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry, the journal works in open access mode which means that all published articles are made freely available online without a subscription.This model enabling greater dissemination of an author's work, will give him or her the opportunity to be cited more often and thus will increase the impact of his or her work.

Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry works in continuous publication, manuscripts are published immediately after their final acceptance.


Vol 3, No 6 (2015)

Table of Contents

Inorganic Chemistry

Reactivity of diorganotin(IV) and triorganotin(IV) phenoxides PDF
Archana Thakur 1083-1092

Physical Chemistry

Alternative method to predict activity coefficients at infinite dilution of hydrocarbons in aqueous solutions PDF
Gonzalo Astray, Jorge Morales, Miriam González-Temes, Juan C. Mejuto, Augusto J. Magdalena 1073-1082