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Crystal structure of oxonium o-toluidinium sulfate at 100K, (C7H10N)(H3O)SO4

Chaouki Ben hassen, Mohamed Boujelbene, Mohamed Khitouni, Joan Josep Suñol, Tahar Mhiri


A simple oxonium o-toluidinium sulfate, (C7H10N)(H3O)SO4 , crystallized from water at ambient temperature was found to be monoclinic (space group P21/c) at 100K. In the crystal, the H3O+ ions and the SO42- anions are linked by O-H…O hydrogen bonds, generating infinite layers lying parallel to the bc plane at x = 1/2. These layers are interconnected by the organic cations, which establish N-H…O hydrogen bonds with the SO42- anions. Weak π-π stacking interactions between the benzene rings of neighboring molecules further to stabilize the structure [centroid- centroid distance = 3.648 Å].

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