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Reactivity of diorganotin(IV) and triorganotin(IV) phenoxides

Archana Thakur


The reactivity of diorganotin(IV) diphenoxidestowardsacetylacetone and salicylaldehyde; diorganotin(IV) chlorophenoxidestowards potassium salts of benzohydroxamic acids, aluminium(III) chloride and iron(III) chloride and triorganotin(IV) phenoxidestowards Hg(II) salts has been examined.  The products were authenticated by physico-chemical and spectral studies.  This article deals with study of cleavage of Sn-O, Sn-C bond and behaviour of the organotin(IV) phenoxides as chloride ion donors under different conditions.  These reactions can be utilized as the course for the synthesis of the reaction products as these are obtained in quantitative yields.

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