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Mechanochemical Synthesis of Kaolin-Potassium Phosphates Complexes for Application as Slow-Release Fertilizer

rym dhouib sahnoun, kamel chaari, jamel bouaziz


In the current study the effects of the addition, by mechanochemical treatment, of KH2PO4, K2HPO4 and K3PO4 to kaolin for the synthesis of new complex compounds to be offered as candidates for slow-release fertilizers are investigated. It is clear that after the characterization of the ground kaolin, two hours of milling is sufficient to achieve the distortion of the crystalline network of kaolin in order to insert additives. The quantity of KH2PO4 inserted is not as much as those of K2HPO4 and K3PO4. This is due to the acid character of those compounds. The amounts of K+ and PO43- released when using KH2PO4 are larger than those when using the others additives. 

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