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Synthesis, Characterization and DNA-Binding Properties of The Novel Mononuclear Zn(II), Cd(II), and Mn(II) Complexes with Pantoprazole.

Wessam N. El-Sayed, Mohamed Amine Ben Ali


A   novel   mononuclear   Mn(II),   Zn(II)   and   Cd(II)   complexes of pantoprazole   (PA)   was synthesized  and characterized  by elemental analysis,  molar conductivity,  magnetic susceptibility   measurements,   IR,  UV-visible  spectral  studies,  and  thermal  analysis.  The electronic spectra along with magnetic data suggest octahedral geometry for Mn(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) complexes.  PA acts as an anionic bi-dentate ligand being coordinated by (S=O) oxygen and benzimdazolyl nitrogen atoms. The interaction of the complexes with calf thymus DNA (CT-DNA) was monitored by blue shift and hyperchromism in the UV-vis spectra. The observed  intrinsic  binding  constants  together  with  structural  analysis  of  the  complexes indicate  the groove  binding. The binding constants were determined at 303°K, 308°K and 313°K.  A thermodynamic analysis showed that the reaction is spontaneous with ΔG being negative. The enthalpy ΔH and the entropy ΔS of reactions were all determined.

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