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Removal of Radium from Uranium Effluent by Manganese Oxide Coated Modified Bentonite (Mn-NaB)

Abdou A Abdou, Mohamed S Nagar, Reda A Ghazala


The results of radiometric analysis show the presence of high level concentration of 226Ra (50 to 125 Bq/L) in the uranium effluent solutions waste of Gattar uranium pilot plant Eastern Desert of Egypt. These levels are higher than the maximum permissible level of 226Ra (1.1Bq/L) which needs treatment. Normally treatment consists of lime addition to increase the pH to 8 which precipitates most contaminants except 226Ra. Adsorption process provides an alternative treatment in comparison with other removal techniques. The sorption of radium (226Ra) on different adsorbent, modified bentonite (Na-B) and a mixture of modified bentonite coated by Manganese oxide (Mn-NaB) was studied. The present study focuses at the option to improve the sorption properties of bentonite via its modification and presents the possibility to remove radium cations from the uranium effluent solutions by the usage of non-homogenous bentonite coated by manganese oxides. Experimental conditions (pH, clay materials quantity to manganese oxide, contact time and associated elements) were changed in order to determine the optimal state for adsorption of 226Ra. Column sorption of radium from uranium effluent solutions from Gattar pilot plant using (Mn-NaB) were conducted. The results showed that good adsorption capacity for radium removal in uranium influent. The capacity at breakthrough point 1.1 Bq/1 is 94.28Bq/g (Mn-NaB).

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