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Incorporation of gold nanoparticles into pH responsive mixed microgel systems

Azwan Mat Lazim, Julian Eastoe, Melanie Bradley


Abstract: This research attempts to demonstrate that gold nanoparticles are stable and easily dispersed in mixed microgel systems. In order to prepare stable and controllable responsive systems, the polymers were chosen to be pH responsive. As a result, that the charge signs (+/-) and level could be readily manipulated by adjusting the background solution pH. A switchable ‘on’ and ‘off’ system was obtained where these composite AuMES-NP-MM systems switched from a dispersed (pH 10) to a collapsed state (pH 3). This variation in pH affected the dispersion stability due to differences in the microgel particle charges. These systems are therefore successful multifunctional systems which act as reversible scaffolds for support and entrapment of AuMES-NPs. A stability graph was plotted and based on calculation, the amount of AuNPs dispersed in the microgel were estimated. These promising results offer wide applications in various areas especially using the microgel systems as a responsive template.

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