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Valorization of the essential oil of Zingiber officinale by its Use as inhibitor against the corrosion of the carbon steel in acid medium hydrochloric acid 1M

Galai Mouhsine, K. Tarfaoui, M. Ouakki, M. Nehiri, M. Ebn Touhami, N. Barhada, M Ouhssine


In this work, we are interested in the study of the protection of ordinary steel in acid medium (HCl) 1M by adding Zingiber officinale EO rhizomes essential oil at different concentrations: 0.5g / L, 1g / L, 1.5g / L and 2g / L.

The technique used is an electrochemical technique based on the recording of intensity-potential curves in potentio-kinetic mode. The inhibitory action exerted by the essential oil is revealed by tracing the transient curves of the impedance Z to determine in a first step the percentage of inhibition and the stationary curve in order to confirm the first result.

The main results have shown that the essential oil of ginger (Zingiber officinale) can slow down or inhibit corrosion in acid medium (hydrochloric acid), steel. The maximum percentage inhibition is 96%. It should be noted that it is obtained with the concentration 1.5g / L of essential oil.

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