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Synthesis, characterization and release studies of monomer and copolymers based on 3-aminopyridine as a pharmaceutical precursor

Kheira Diaf, Zineb El bahri, Zohra Bengharez, Nafa Chafi, Abderrazzek Mesli


 The aim of the current study is to prepare controlled release formulations composed from 3-aminopyridine. This active molecule is modified by chemical grafting on monomer based on (m,p)-vinylbenzaldehyde and then copolymerized with dimethylacrylamide to get hydrosoluble systems. In these systems, the active agent is spaced out from copolymer chain by phenyl group. The obtained supports i.e. monomer and copolymers are characterized by FTIR, NMR (1H, 13C) and other techniques. The drug release from these formulations is studied and the values of release constants demonstrated that 3-aminopyridine release can be modified using these systems. Also, the effect of pH release media on the drug release is discussed.

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