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Synthesis and crystal structure of tetra(quinolin-8-olato)thorium ethanol solvate, Th(C9H6NO)4*C2H5OH

Holger Kohlmann


Metal quinolinolates (also known as oxinates) have been widely used for gravimetric analysis and in recent days as materials for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Recrystallisation of tetra(quinolin-8-olato)thorium(IV) (ThQ4) yielded yellow, translucent, prismatic crystals of the title compound, ThQ4*C2H5OH, the single-crystal structure of which is described. Only one crystallographically distinct molecule is found, all ligands are crystallographically inequivalent. Thorium is coordinated by four 8-hydroxyquinolinato with average Th-O distances of 233.3 pm and average Th-N distances of 272.4 pm, and one ethanol ligand with a Th-O distance 256.7 pm. O and N surroundings around thorium can be described by a tricapped trigonal prism. In contrast to quinolinates of the trivalent metals, ThQ4*C2H5OH does not fluoresce under UV irradiation, which is in accordance with the lack of π-π overlap in the crystal structure.

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