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Experimental study of the adsorption of Zn2 + ions on Natural Calcium Carbonate

Karima Abellaoui, Hassan EL Kafssaoui, Hakima Nassali, Otheman Amrhar, Mohammed S. Elyoubi, Farouk Bouhrara, Youness Essaadaoui


In this study, Natural Calcium Carbonate (NCC) that was characterised by X-ray diffraction has been used as an adsorbent in the removal of Zn2+, from aqueous solution by a batch adsorption technique. The effects of various experimental parameters such as solution PH, initial concentration of solution, contact time, adsorbent masses and stirring speed were investigated. The results showed that basic PH and the average stirring speed were favourable for the adsorption of Zn2+, and the adequate equilibrium time for the adsorption of Zn2+ onto Natural Calcium Carbonate was 80min. The experimental data were analysed by the linear form of Langmuir, Freundlich. Isotherm models and showed a good fit with the Langmuir isotherm model. Adsorption kinetic was studied using pseudo first order kinetic equation, second order kinetic equation. The adsorption kinetic followed the pseudo second order equation.


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