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Estimation of the oxygen content of RBa2Cu3Oy (R = Er, Y, Eu, Dy) superconducting samples by spectrophotometry and raman spectroscopy: a comparison between chemical and physical methods for oxygen determination

Stela Georgieva, Angelina Stoyanova-Ivanova, Miroslav Abrashev


We have developed and applied a spectrophotometric method using measurement of the absorbance of the complex Co(III)-EDTA for the determination of the oxygen stoichiometry in RBa2Cu3Oy (R = Er, Y, Eu and Dy) high-Tc bulk materials. The obtained results were compared with those obtained by second destructive spectrophotometric method and Raman spectroscopy. The methods used show that the oxygen content of the RBa2Cu3O6.5+δ microcrystals is close to 7. The values of total oxygen content “y†as well the non-stoichiometric coefficient “δ†were accurately calculated by the spectrophotometric method. The standard deviation of the δ- and y-coefficient is 0.012. The reproducibility of the y-values is 0.2%. A comparison between chemical and physical methods for determination of the stoichiometry of REBCO thin films deposited on long-length metal substrates was done.

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