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Adsorption of the anionic dye methyl orange on used artificial zeolites: kinetic study and modeling of experimental data.

Jaouad Bensalah, Amar Habsaoui, Brahim Abbou, Lamya Kadiri, Imane Lebkiri, ahmed Lebkiri, El Housseine Rifi


The adsorption of methyl orange (MO) dye by artificial zeolites beads, used previously in the removal of heavy metal through the ionic exchange process, has been studied. The effect of several parameters such as temperature, MO concentration, and zeolite mass on MO adsorption was tested in order to determinate optimal conditions. All results have shown that the adsorption process was influenced by the studied parameters. The kinetic data concerning the study of temperature effect was modeled through pseudo-first-order and pseudo-second-order to determinate the adsorption mechanism. Thermodynamic parameters were calculated using the Van’t Hoff equation. Also, they have shown that the studied process has an endothermic, stable and spontaneous nature.

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