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Temperature effect on zinc electrodeposition in choline chloride-urea deep eutectic solvent

Mahamadou Sambo Moutari, Kindo Adama, Moussa Bougouma, Fousseni Soma, Alassane Sorgho, Giuseppina Conti, Philippe Leclere


Zinc electrochemistry was studied on a glassy carbon electrode in choline chloride-urea at 100°C. The cyclic voltammetry results show that reducing Zn(II) to Zn (0) is an irreversible process controlled by diffusion. The voltammogram recorded on GC shows an anodic peak at 0.9 V and a cathodic peak at -1.18 V, corresponding to the oxidation of Zn and its reduction. The voltammogram shows a loop characteristic of a nucleation and growth phenomenon reflected by slow deposition kinetics. Chronoamperometric analysis confirms that Zn electrodeposition occurs following instantaneous three-dimensional (3D) nucleation and growth phenomenon. The diffusion coefficient determined using the Cottrell model is 1,9x10-6.cm2.s-1. The deposit’s surface morphology study by scanning electron microscope shows that they are amorphous at 70°C, whereas between 100°C and 110°C, the deposits are very crystalline. EDX analysis reveals the characteristic peaks of Zinc, highlighting deposits made up of Zinc.

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