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A one-pot multi-component synthesis of novel 2((1H-Indole-3yl) (Phenyl) methyl) malononitrile derivative by utilizing recoverable and efficient TiO2 nanocatalyst

Artish Roy, Aayushi Chanderiya, Hemlata Dangi, Arunesh Kumar Mishra, Pratibha Mishra, Sushil Kumar Kashaw, Ratnesh Das


In this research, we have described a facile and user-friendly protocol for the formation of 2((1H-Indole-3yl)(Phenyl)methyl)malononitrile derivatives using a recoverable and efficient TiO2 nanocatalyst. This protocol is simple and incredibly efficient for the synthesis of novel 2((1H-Indole-3yl)(Phenyl)methyl)malononitrile derivatives. Nanoscale TiO2 is used as the catalyst. Since TiO2 has more surface area easily binds with the active site of a reactive molecule and initiates the reaction. At last, TiO2 also recovered as it acts as a catalyst. This multi-component reaction involves indole, malononitrile, and active aldehyde derivatives in the presence of ethanol as solvent and TiO2 as a nanocatalyst. The synthetic methodology employed for multi-component reactions produces substituted 2((1H-Indole-3yl)(Phenyl) methyl) malononitrile derivatives with an environmentally friendly protocol under modest reaction conditions. This study shows that the recoverable and environmentally friendly TiO2 nanocatalyst is an effective material for the synthesis of 2((1H-Indole-3yl) (Phenyl) methyl) malononitrile derivatives with high yields, rapid reaction at room temperature, and effortless product isolation.

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