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Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Novel [(u-OCH6) (u-Cl) bis-[(bipy) (Cl)Cu(II)]]Complex

Fatima A. Ghalbuoun, Ramadan G. Abuhmaiera, Fathia A. Treish, Wedad A. Alakrash, Ramadan Mohamed Elmehdawi


A novel title complex [(µ-chlorido)(µ-methoxido- O)bis-[(2,2´-bipy-k2N,N´)(chlorido) Copper(II)]] crystallizes in the monoclinic space group C2/c with unit cell parameters, a = 14.4775(2)Å, b =11.118(2)Å, c = 13.1617(2)Å, α= 90º, β=92º and γ= 90º,have two very similar distorted square-pyramidal [Cu2(2,2´-bpy)2Cl3(OCH6)] (1) chromophores adopting 4+1 geometrical arrangement. The u-OCH6 and u-Cl bridges occupy a crystallographic inversion center. The novelty of this complex stems from the occupancy site (s.o.f = 0.5) of the unusual six H-atoms of the methoxy bridging group. The bridging Cl-atom occupied the axial site of the distorted square-pyramidal, which is significantly longer than the rest of the other four-basal sites. Due to axial site occupation by Cl-bridging, the two bpy-ligands lie almost perpendicular to each other. The packing structure of the title complex reveals that this structure contains inter-and intra-molecular H-bonds and ꙥ-ꙥ- intermolecular interactions.

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