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Detection of mercury by a new sensor based CPE modified with extract of takaout plant

Abdelaziz ait sidi mou, Aicha Ouarzane, Mama El Rhazi


A new carbon paste electrode (CPE) modified with extract takaout was developed for the determination of mercury using square wave voltammetry (SWV).  Compared with carbon paste electrode, the anodic peak current had a significant increase at the modified electrode. Under the optimized conditions (amount of modifier 3%, 0.1 M acetate buffer pH 2, accumulation potential -0.6 V, accumulation time 300 s, resting time 10 s, frequency 25 Hz, pulse amplitude 0.050 V, step height 2 mV), a linear response was obtained in the concentration range from 3.1 to 11 µM Hg(II) and the detection limit was 0.42 µM. The results indicate that this electrode is sensitive and effective for determination of Hg2+ in the tap water sample.

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