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Electrochemical study and characterization of tin coatings with and without glucose-based additive

Sghir Cherrouf, Yassine Salhi, Amina El Echhab, Hassan El Grini, Jihane Tellal, Mohammed Cherkaoui, Brahim Lakhrissi


The tin coating was elaborated electrolytically on an ordinary steel substrate in SnSO4 based electrolyte in acid medium with additive (bis-glycobenzimidazolone) at ambient temperature. The pH is maintained at 1.2±0.2 Bis-glycobenzimidazolone influence on the electrochemical properties of the tin coating was investigated using stationary polarization, chronopotentiometry, and cyclic voltammetry techniques. These studies show an apparent decrease in cathodic peak current and a drop in potential. The deposition rate also decreases as the concentration of the additive increases.  SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) observation and XRD (X-ray Diffraction) analysis showed that the coating consists of good surface quality of the deposit elaborated by the addition of an optimal concentration of bis-glycobenzimidazolone (10-3M) in the electrolyte, which constitutes the continuation of a preliminary study.

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