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A new process for Na2Ca(HPO4)2 synthesis and its application as a heterogeneous catalyst in Knoevenagel condensation

Soukaina Chehab, Youssef Merroun, Tourya Ghailane, Nouzha Habbadi, Said Boukhris, Amina Hassikou, Rachida Ghailane, Mohamed Akhazzane, Abdelali Kerbal, Adam Daich, Abdelaziz Souizi


The novelty of this work is to propose a new process consisting to the modification of triple superphosphate (TSP) by sodium nitrate (NaNO3) for the preparation of a heterogeneous catalytic support Na2Ca(HPO4)2 (calcium hydrogen disodium phosphate). This product has been characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and infrared spectroscopy (IR). The catalytic activity of Na2Ca(HPO4)2 was examined in Knoevenagel condensation between 4-chlorobenzaldehyde and malononit rile as a model reaction. The optimization of the reaction operating conditions was carried out based on a study of the effect of various parameters, namely reaction time, the catalyst charge, the nature, and volume of solvent on the reaction yield. From these considerations, this catalyst proves its efficiency since it allows to obtain the product with excellent yields in a short reaction time. Moreover, it has been reused several times without any significant loss of its activity. The process developed herein can be considered as an ecological and economical method because the catalyst used is non-toxic, cost-effective and easy to prepare.

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