Associated Editors


Abdelaziz SOUIZI

Ibn Tofail University

Faculty of Science

14000 Kenitra




All areas not included in those of Associated Editors 

Associated Editors


University of Le Havre, 

BP 540, 25 rue Philippe Lebon, 

F-76058 Le Havre Cedex, France   


Organic Chemistry

Catalysis Chemistry 

Organometallic Chemistry 

Bioorganic Chemistry 

Medicinal Chemistry


University of Aveiro,







New methods for the synthesis of polyphenolic compounds and nitrogen heterocyclic compounds (pyrazoles, pyrazolines, triazoles...)


Cycloaddition reactions

NMR as a tool for the structural characterization of compounds

Chemistry and structural elucidation of natural products

Microwave assisted organic reactions

Polyphenolic compounds as antioxidant agents...

Amélia Pilar RAUTER

Universidade de Lisboa, 

Edifício C8, 5º Piso, Campo Grande, 

1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal


 Organic chemistry 

 Medicinal chemistry 

 Natural products

 Nomenclature of organic compounds


Departamento de Ciencias y Técnicas Fisicoquímicas, 

Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)

Paseo Senda del Rey 9
28040 Madrid


Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, especially that of simple liquids 

Complex fluids

Soft condensed matter, particularly computer simulations and theoretical studies

Abdelaziz El JAZOULI 

Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences, Casablanca 


Inorganic Chemistry

Materials Science


School of  Chemistry,

National University of Ireland Galway,



Heterocyclic Chemistry

Polymer Synthesis

& Free Radical Chemistry

Francisco REY-LOSADA

University of Vigo, Spain


Electrochemistry: ionics

Chemical education 

Complexation reaction in natural media

Physical chemistry


Faculty of Chemistry Nicholas Copernicus University 87-100 Torun, Poland





Gas adsorption and adsorbents

Carbon-based materials including carbon nanotubes and fullerenes

Heterogenous catalysts

Hlectrochemical energy device (fuel cells, supercapacitors, electrode materials)

Chemical and biological sensors

Gas and vapour detection

Investigation of solid surfaces by instrumental analysis 

Janine COSSY

Laboratoire de Chimie Organique

ESPCI ParisTech

10 rue Vauquelin75231

PARIS Cedex 05, France


Organic chemistry

Total synthesis of bioactive (or non active) compounds



University of New York

Stowell Hall

44 Pierrepont Ave.

Potsdam, NY 13676, U.S.A




Raman spectroscopy and SERS

Fluorescences Spectroscopy and FRET

Oxidative Stress and Effect of environmental pollutants on DNA damage

Nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology for biosensor arrays

Nanotemplated metal and semiconductor deposition

Nanowires and nanobridges

Monolayer and thin surface films

Ion-channels in phospholipid films

Surface imaging using AFM & STM. DNA-modified electrodes

Immunosensors, piezoelectric sensors and optical sensors

Corrosion inhibitors

Electrochromic materials

Electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation

Trace analysis of heavy metals and pesticides. 

Massood Siddiqi HUMAIRA

Quaid-I-Azam University

Islamabad, Pakistan


Syntheses, characterization of new organic materials, polymers and their composites, Organic-inorganic hybrids.



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